Swipe Left

Hi Everyone! Apologies that I’m a few days behind - I took my first flight in 16 months on Sunday, and was so excited to get on a plane and see Howie that I forgot to hit the send button. Kidding, I forgot to write at all...🙈 I’m in Phoenix this week. It’s my first time visiting here and so far the brownie in me is loving the heat! We are going to hike the Camelback mountain in a bit and I’m trying to get this out before that. So what happened in SPACs this past week? Well, nothing notable really. The market has been swiping left on SPACs for a while, and it continues that way. Well, at least it’s not as bad as the *super swipe left* that the crypto markets got on the weekend…although it seems like it was a good short term trading opportunity as the crypto seems to have rebounded since.

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